Schemes of Interlaboratory tests on Mortars for masonry




Beginning with October 2010, the Testing Laboratory of CEPROCIM may develop a new scheme of Interlaboratory Tests at national level, on Masonry mortars, in the conditions of reunion of a minimum statistic of participants; interlaboratory tests will have a yearly frequency.

In order to send your participation request, we kindly ask you to access “Contact” within present section.

1.1 Yearly calendar of Interlaboratory Tests on Mortars for masonry

October Launch the invitation for participation
October – November Preparing the packages of mortar for masonry
December – January Registration1), taking over the packages and the guidelines2) by participants
January – March The participants carrying out tests and sending results to CEPROCIM
April – May Statistical processing of the data, according ISO 13528:2005

Assessment of results after “z” score according SR EN ISO/CEI 17043:2010 – Conformity assessment. General requirements for competence tests
Elaboration of General Report and its multiplication

June The National Seminar “Interlaboratory tests on cement”

1) Registration form for the Interlaboratory Tests on Mortars for masonry edition 2010 – 2011 (more)

2) Guidelines and Forms afferent to Interlaboratory tests on Mortars for masonry edition 2010 – 2011 (more)

1.2 Determinations which make the object of Interlaboratory Tests on Mortars for masonry

  1. Density in fresh state according to SR EN 1015-6:2001 + SR EN 1015-6:2001/A1:2007
  2. Flexural and compression mechanical strength according to SR EN 1015-11:2002 + SR EN 1015-11:2002/A1:2007


  1. Equipments specific to samples preparing for investigations
    1. set of sieves, niches of laboratory
  2. Equipments and accessories for analyzes and tests
    1. test machines for flexural and compression strength, mixers, analytical and technical balances, water distillers, water purification systems
  3. Equipments for assurance and monitoring of microclimate conditions
    1. air-conditioning systems, moist air/freezing-thawing cabinets, hygrometers, thermo-hygrometers, thermometers, electronic thermo-anemometer, electronic humidifier
  4. Equipments for non-metrological measurements
    1. chronometers, slide clipers, kit of tools, mechanical and digital tachometer
  5. Techniques of calculation and dedicated programs