Brief History








Our company was established as state institution in the year 1949 in Bucharest-Romania as initial denomination of Institute of Studies and Designing for Building Materials Industry – ISPIM.

Successive, on years, the company had more denominations as result of different reorganizations. In the period 1974-1990, denominated as ICPILA, the company became very known in our country and worldwide, being involved in powerful development of cement industry and of other building materials in Romania and abroad.

Beginning with the date of 23.11.1990 the company took actual name of CEPROCIM, operating as joint stock company, owned initially by the Romanian state in totality.

CEPROCIM was privatized in the years 1995 and 1996 by selling from state of control package to the management and employees (control owned by these also in present) and free of charge distribution to population by public offer of the rest of shares.

In over 60 years of existence, the company elaborated documentations and supplied engineering technical services necessary for performing and operation over 80 cement manufacturing lines in Romania and abroad.

Nowadays, CEPROCIM perform at European standards activities of research-development-innovation, consultancy for economical agents from inorganic binders range (cement, lime, plaster, binder composite material) and from other ranges, and also for national programs coordinated by National Authority of Scientific Research for European programs, sector programs coordinated by Ministry of Economy and Finances or coordinated by other ministries.

CEPROCIM performs also analyses and specific determinations in own laboratories, RENAR accredited and endowed with apparatus of last generation. It executes works regarding attestation of products conformity for constructions by certification bodies and inspection by third part, RENAR accredited, national and international recognized.