Testing Construction Products and Analyses of Combustible Wastes











Determinations for raw materials, by-products, products for constructions, waste waters, combustible and non-combustible wastes, as follow

  • Adhesives for tiles according to SR EN 12004 + A1:2012
  • Aggregates – Standardized sand CEN, EN 196-1
  • Industrial and waste waters
  • Pyrite ash
  • Fly ash
  • Fly ash for concrete according to SR EN 450-1:2012
  • Common cements according to SR EN 197 –1:2011
  • Special cements with very low hydration heat according to SR EN 14216:2015
  • White Portland cement according to SR 7055:1996
  • Road cement according to SR 10092:2008
  • Masonry cement according to SR EN 413-1:2011
  • Cement clinker
  • Combustible wastes, combustibles,  sludges, non-hazardous sediments
  • Eluates (levigates), Sludges and Waste waters
  • Stationary source emissions
  • Raw mix (raw meal) for cement manufacturing, electrofilter dust
  • Gypsum binders and gypsum plasters according to SR EN 13279-1:2009
  • Plaster for moulding according to SR 545-2:2000
  • Hydraulic road binders according to SR ENV 13282-1:2013
  • Calcareous materials
  • Jointing materials for gypsum-plasterboard SR EN 13963:2014
  • Screed materials and floor screeds according to SR EN 13813:2003
  • Siliceous and pozzolanic materials
  • Iron ore
  • Grouts for tiles SR EN 13888:2009
  • Rendering and plastering mortar according to SR EN 998-1:2011
  • Masonry mortars according to SR EN 998-2:2011
  • Mortars and concretes placement, hardened
  • Petroleum products and wastes
  • Water-proof products according SR EN 14891:2012
  • Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures. Surface protection systems for concrete according toSR EN 1504-2:2005
  • Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures.  Structural and non-structural repair according toSR EN 1504-3:2006
  • Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures. Structural bonding according toSR EN 1504-4:2005
  • Thermo-isolator products for buildings
  • Outside and inside plasters based on organic binders according SR EN 15824:2009
  • Building lime according to SR EN 459-1:2015
  • Granulated blastfurnace slag and grinded  blastfurnace slag for using in concrete, mortars and slurry according SR EN 15167-1:2007
  • Steel slag


    Research works specific to laboratory activities (more)





    • Equipments specific to samples preparation for investigations
      • machine for samples cut, samples grinding and polishing machines, centrifugal balls mill, laboratory pestle mills, sieves sets, laboratory niches
    • Equipments and accessories for analyses and tests
      • flame atomic absorption spectrometers, spectrophotometer  UV-VIS range, total carbon analyzer, organic halides analyzer, elementary analyzer apparatus, calorimetric bomb, mineralizator with microwaves, microscope video camera, Laser granulometers, XRD diffractometer, apparatus for thermal resistance determination, tests machine for direct pull tensile force, abrasion test machine BCA, testing machines of flexural and compressive strength, calorimetric system, system for water vapor permeability determination, chemical resistance test system, system for liquid water permeability determination, apparatus of air content measurement, set of accessories for water retention determination, apparatus for linear variation measurement, Blaine permeability meters, mixers, metallic moulds, Vicat apparatus, plunger apparatus for consistence measurement, jolting tables, flow tables, water bath (soundness), Le Chatelier apparatus, analytical and technical balances, ovens, electrical furnaces, water and sand baths, water distillers, vacuum filtration systems, pH-meter, water purification systems
    • Equipments for assurance and for monitoring of microclimate conditions
      • air-conditioning systems, moist air/freezing-thawing cabinets, hygrometers, thermo-hygrometers, thermometers, electronic thermo–anemometer, electronic humidifiers
    • Equipments for non-metrological measurements
      • roughness analyzer, micrometers, timers, slide rules, kit of tools, mechanical and digital tachometer, accuracy metal rules
    • Calculation technique and dedicated programs




    Certificat LI 109



    Representative works

    1. Determination of the chemical requirements imposed by the standard SR EN 197-1 for the components from cement, used as minor or major additions, 2011 – 2019
    2. Inter-comparison with a neuter and accredited laboratory, regarding to the application of the methods of analyze and laboratory tests, checking of the accuracy and reproducibility of the determinations, participation at inter-laboratory tests and at standards elaboration,  2005 – 2019
    3. Establishing of cements components according to SR CEN/TR 196-4:2008, 2005 – 2019
    4. Monitoring CO2 – Checking of gases with greenhouse gases emissions (Chemical determinations), 2011 – 2019