Energetic balances/audits (electrical)




Electroenergetic balance on industrial outline (main production department/whole plant)




In order to avoid legal sanctions, manufacturers and users of energy must be according to requirements of Government Ordinance no.22/2008 which follow creation of a legal frame for elaboration and application of national policy of energetic efficiency. National politics of energetic efficiency is integrant part of energetic polictics of state and follow the elimination of barriers in way of promotion the energetic efficiency and of promoting the using at final consumers of recovered sources of energy



  • Government Ordinance no.22/2008 regarding energetic efficiency and promotion of using at final consumers of recovered sources of energy
  • Guide of elaboration and analyze of energetic balances, published in Official Monitory of Romania no.792 bis from 11 November 2003;
  • Decision of Romanian Agency for Energy Preservation (ARCE) no.56 from 28 May 2003 regarding approval of Guide of elaboration and analyze the energetic balances;
  • Law of electric energy no.318 from 8 July 2003;
  • National Strategy in energetic efficiency range, approved by Government Decision H.G. 163 from 2004.
  • Ordinance 1767 regarding the approval of Rule for energetic auditors authorization and of Rule for attestation of energetic managers, 2009