Studies for environment protection




Building materials industry



  • Evaluation of impact on environment (RIM) in order to obtain environment agreement, regarding a new activity that may have significant impact on environment, through nature, dimension or its location;
  • Obtaining of location report (RA) necessary for pointing out the initial condition of the location, including situation of existing pollution before installation commissioning and to offer a reference point and comparison at activity stopping. Report of location at activity stopping allow to holder (and authority of settlement) to establish if a type of pollution was produced on period of installation operation and if remediation works are necessary; he also confirms  that the location was brought again at a satisfactory state;
  • Achievement of adequate evaluation (EA), compulsory for any public and private project  susceptible to have a significant negative impact on areas protected of community interest; adequate evaluation conclusions are the base for agreement obtaining, environment approval, respectively;
  • Obtaining of security report (RS) through which the activities which present dangers for major accidents producing in which hazardous substances are involved;
  • Achievement of environment balance (BM) with the purpose to obtain integrated environment authorization in accordance with legislation in force or of some types of environment approvals;
  • Obtaining of environment report (RM) through which significant possible effects on environment are identified, described, and evaluated, their application are evaluated taking into consideration the objectives and afferent geographical area, in accordance with the legislation in force


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  2. For RA: OUG nr. 152/2005 concerning the avoiding and integrated control of pollution with the modifications and subsequent completions, Order MAPAM nr. 36/2004 concerning approval of General Technical Guide for application of procedure for issuing the environment integrated authorization.
  3. For EA: OUG nr. 57/2007 concerning the regime of protected natural areas, preservation of natural habits, of flora and wild fauna with the modifications and subsequent completions, approved by the Law no. 49/2011, Order MMP no. 19/2010 for approval of methodological Guide concerning adequate assessment of potential effects of the plans and projects on natural areas  protected by community interest.
  4. For RS: HG nr. 804/2007 concerning the control on dangers of major accident  in which are involved harmful substances, with  the modifications and subsequent completions
  5. For BM: Order no. 184/1997 for approval of the procedure for performing environment balances
  6. For RM: Decision no. 1076/2004 concerning the procedure for performing environment assessment  for plans and programs