Technological and environment measurements




  • Measurements of environment performed on directed emissions, imissions/ atmospheric air
  • Technological and environment measurements performed in ambient environment, work places, metallic surfaces, machine bodies, etc.




Offering of data necessary for elaboration technologic and process audits, of thermo-energetic and environment balances, of the data necessary for evaluation of air and phonic pollution, for monitoring the emissions of dioxins, furans, heavy metals, HCl and Hg for evaluations in processing/co-incineration process of non-combustible/combustible wastes



  • Government Ordinance no. 22/2008 regarding energetic efficiency and promotion of using at final consumers of regenerated sources of energy
  • Directive 2000/76/CE regarding wastes incineration
  • Directive 96/61 – IPPC regarding avoiding and integrated control of pollution
  • Order 756/1997 issued by Ministry of Waters, Forests and Environment Protection, in order to approve the Rule regarding evaluation of environment pollution
  • Order 592/2002 issued by Ministry of Waters and Environment Protection, in order to approve the Normative regarding establishing of limit values, threshold values and of criteria and the methods of evaluation for sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and of nitrogen oxides, powders in suspension (PM10 and PM2,5), lead, benzene, monoxide of carbon and ozone in surrounding air
  • STAS 10009/88 “Urban acoustics. Admissible limits of noise level”
  • Government Decision HG no. 268/2005 for modification and completion of Government Decision no. 128/2002 regarding wastes incineration