Eco-Clinker Phase 3

Phase III – Assessment of using the mineralizators on the microstructure of clinker and Portland cement (January 2009)

Specific objectives for this phase were the following:

1. Assessment of the mineralizators using effect on clinker and cement quality:
– Performing of raw mix with mineralizators, efficient from energetic point of view
– Structural-textural and mineralogical characterization of obtained clinkers (through optical microscopy, electron-scan microscopy (type SEM) coupled with EDAX well, XRD analyze and porosimetry, determination content of heavy metals, chemical analyze)
– Performing of cement from laboratory clinkers
– Characterization of obtained cements  
Assessment of hydraulic activity for the cements obtained from laboratory clinker through physical-mechanical and chemical methods (ATD analyze, XRD analyze, SEM/EDX analyzes, mechanical strengths, chemical bounded water,  hydration heat)

Through using the mineralizators in clinker of Portland cement manufacturing process, it may be obtained a clinker, Portland cement respectively, with mechanical characteristics superior to the cement resulted from burning of non-mineralized raw mix, in the conditions of decreasing clinker burning temperature with 20 – 100 0C, depending on the nature and proportion of used mineralizator substance, with benefic effects on energetic consumptions.

2. Results dissemination

Project results were disseminated, both within some national and international conferences, and by publishing in specialty magazines.

1. Jenica Paceagiu, Florin Amzica, Teofil Chendrean, Tatiana Paraschiv, Effect on NaF and SnO2 on Portland cement clinker fabrication, IVth International Conference on Times of Polymers (TOP) and Composites, Ischia, Italy, 21 – 24 September 2008

2. Jenica Paceagiu, Alina Badanoiu, Florin Amzica, Georgeta Voicu, Influence of some mineralizators on forming the clinker of Portland cement,  Conference on Science and Oxidic Compounds CONSILOX 10, Timisoara, Romania, 10 – 14 September2008

1. Jenica Paceagiu, Florin Amzica, Teofil Chendrean, Tatiana Paraschiv, Effect on NaF and SnO2 on portland cement clinker fabrication, AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1042, pp.258-260 (2008), ISSN and ISBN: 978-0-7354-0570-7/08.
2. Alina Badanoiu, Jenica Paceagiu, Georgeta Voicu, Evaluation of some mineral additions effect on the burnability of raw mix in cement production, Scientific Bulletin of University POLITEHNICA Bucharest, Series B: Chemistry and Materials Science, vol. 71. (3)– 2009, pp.  23, ISSN 1454-2331

Other types of publications
Performing by Foundation for Materials Science Serban Solacolu of summary model for the project ECO-CLINKER and publishing within Romanian Journal of Materials no. 1/2009, indexed ISI, code ISSN 1583-3186.